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Product Sku: 6885 14oz Mid Cafe Mug

QTY 48122436721081442885761008201650001000025000
$ 10.349.48.457.515.643.763.693.53.373.

Total: $39.92 In Stock - 5-7 Production Days

Capacity: 14oz Height: 4.5625" Width: 3.875"

Imprint Area Height: 2.5" Imprint Area Width: 2.25"

Weight 1.28lbs Case Quantity: 36 Box Weight: 46lbs

Color: White, Black, Cobalt Blue

There's the small cafe and then there's the big cafe mug. If neither fits you then get the Medium. It may be medium but it's not mediocre! Hmm, that sounds like a good quote to put on this mug. Why don't you go ahead and do that?

-Fast & Free Artwork Proofing

-Free Wrap Around Imprint, Two Side Imprint

-Screen Printed & Kiln Fired at High Temperatures. Your logo will not come off!

-Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe.

Cart Step 1.#6885 14oz 14oz Mid Cafe Mug


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Pantone Blue Pms 300 #3a6ab3
Pantone Royal Blue PMS 286 #213f97
Pantone Navy Blue PMS 281 #1c2859
Pantone Ocean Blue PMS 2925 #1a9bd7
Pantone Turquoise PMS 320 #189da6
Pantone Teal PMS 327 #0f8877
Pantone Green PMS 355 #119748
Pantone Dark Green PMS 3425 #106342
Pantone Forest Green PMS 3435 #144734
Pantone Kelly Green PMS 348 #0c8442
Pantone Cream PMS 468 #decba3
Pantone Purple PMS 259 #6e2978
Pantone Pink PMS 197 #eb9cae
Pantone Brown PMS 469 #6a4024
Pantone Maroon PMS 202 #872634
Pantone Red PMS 186 #ca2030
Pantone Orange PMS 165 #f26829
Pantone Yellow PMS 123 #ffc82c
Pantone Peach PMS 109 #fdd20b
Pantone Lime Green PMS 376 #84bf41
Pantone Black #000000
Pantone White #ffffff
Pantone Iridescent Gold #a6852e
Pantone Iridescent Silver #c5c5c2
Pantone Iridescent Bronze #a1784c
Pantone Metallic Gold #e4be27
Pantone Metallic Silver #f7f3ed
Pantone Metallic Platinum #dddad4
Pantone Metallic Bronze #b27f4f


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