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About Us

Here at Ahmugs we like to call ourselves coffee mug craftsman. We have a long history with screen printing coffee mugs and other promotional items.  Our experience started 20 years ago at a small screen-printing company in California. Since then we mastered placing your logo on products using various silk screen printing techniques.


All of our employees have been with us since day 1 and we work as a family, A team, and as One.  Our environment isn’t a face pace high stress working environment. We have time here, and lots of time to perfect our craft.  Everyone here for the most part is happy; our employees do their jobs with a smile without having to ask.  We love working on and off hours, early in the morning, or at night sometimes. We believe in working with a positive energy and surely that good energy will flow into your cup. 


We kept a traditional way of screen printing, one color at a time and kiln firing the coffee mugs at high temperatures. The coffee mug that we print are everlasting. We make sure our customers get a quality product. Some tell us that our work is very labor intensive, but you know what? You’ll be glad that it was done by us.  We feel good and we sleep very well at night knowing that we provided the best service and quality of product for you.


From the moment you call, chat or email us you will get “Live” service that will leave you in “Ah”. We will be here all day & night to help you design, create, or build you that Ah moment idea. Your inspirations can translate easily here, and we’ll turn that light bulb into reality.  


Consider us part of your community where we will know your name, your merchandise and your reasons. We aren’t robots and we care about you.  You’ll find out that moment when you connect with us and realize that we are on your team working alongside with you to achieve that perfect product.