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Product Sku: 1005 Piggy Bank Style 3

QTY 48122436721081442885761008
$ 11.6910.399.097.796.495.193.893.763.633.53.37

Total: $39.92 In Stock - 5-7 Production Days

Size: 4.5" Height: 4.5" Width: 4.75"

Imprint Area Height: 1.25" Imprint Area Width: 1.75"

Weight 1.5lbs Case Quantity: 12 Box Weight: 18lbs

Color: White

Save money now and buy a piggy bank to guard that money. With big ears and wide eyes, your guard pig is always on alert. Give the little piggy a name while you're at it and print it on the side. If not, then print anything really. The pig won't mind.

-Fast & Free Artwork Proofing

-Screen Printed & Kiln Fired at High Temperatures. Your logo will not come off!

Cart Step 1.#1005 0oz Piggy Bank Style 3


Print Color

  • 1 Screen Print Color
  • 2 Screen Print Color
  • 3 Screen Print Color
  • 4 Screen Print Color (Max Multi Color)
Pantone Blue Pms 300 #3a6ab3
Pantone Royal Blue PMS 286 #213f97
Pantone Ocean Blue PMS 2925 #1a9bd7
Pantone Turquoise PMS 320 #189da6
Pantone Teal PMS 327 #0f8877
Pantone Green PMS 355 #119748
Pantone Dark Green PMS 3425 #106342
Pantone Forest Green PMS 3435 #144734
Pantone Kelly Green PMS 348 #0c8442
Pantone Red PMS 186 #ca2030
Pantone Pink PMS 197 #eb9cae
Pantone Brown PMS 469 #6a4024
Pantone Maroon PMS 202 #872634
Pantone Orange PMS 165 #f26829
Pantone Yellow PMS 123 #ffc82c
Pantone Peach PMS 109 #fdd20b
Pantone Cream PMS 468 #decba3
Pantone Lime Green PMS 376 #84bf41
Pantone Purple PMS 259 #6e2978
Pantone Navy Blue PMS 281 #1c2859
Pantone Black #000000
Pantone White #ffffff
Pantone Iridescent Gold #a6852e
Pantone Iridescent Silver #c5c5c2
Pantone Iridescent Bronze #a1784c
Pantone Metallic Gold #e4be27
Pantone Metallic Silver #f7f3ed
Pantone Metallic Platinum #dddad4
Pantone Metallic Bronze #b27f4f


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